1. DC cables 4sqmm,6sqmm mc4 branch connectors

2. USB extn,USB to Printer

A wire refers to a flexible metal strand or rod that is used to bear mechanical load or conduct electricity. A wire is commonly formed by drawing strands of metals such as copper or aluminum through a die or draw plate. A cable comprises two or more wires which are bonded, twisted, or braided together to form an assembly. The wires and cables are encapsulated with non-conducting plastic materials, usually PVC or polyethylene, to impart protection to users and the surrounding environment.

Types of Cables:

  • Electrical cable
  • Power cable
  • Control cable
  • Copper cable
  • PVC cable
  • Automotive cables
  • PVC power cables
  • Computer cables

Types of Wires:

  • Industrial wires
  • Copper wires
  • Galvanized wire
  • Insulated wire
  • Coated wire
  • Electrical Insulated wire
  • Winding wire
  • Brass wire
  • Carbon wire